2019 Costume Information


See below for this year's list of costume needs for each class at the studio.

Creative Movement 1: multi-colored tutu, *no tights, barefoot

Creative Movement 2: purple colored tutu, *no tights, boys: black pants, black shirt, purple vest, barefoot

Ballet 1: blue tutus, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, tiara

Ballet 2: magenta leotards and skirts, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Ballet 4: blue costumes, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Ballet 4A: red leotards, red skirts, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Ballet 4B: mesh halter dresses, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Ballet 5: maroon dresses (Leslie), tie-dye leggings, colored leotard of choice (Sue), yellow shade leotards, yellow dress (Melissa), grey skirt, black mesh/high neck leotard, nude leotard (underneath Leslie's costume), pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes**

Teen Ballet: maroon tutus, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, tambourines

Jazz/Modern 1: orange costumes, black jazz shoes, *no tights


Jazz/Modern 2: colored leotard, patterned leggings, boys: colored top, plain bottoms,  black jazz shoes

Jazz/Modern 3: blue dresses, black jazz shoes, *no tights

Jazz/Modern 4: blue leotard, black joggers,black jazz shoes

Jazz 4/4A: jean overalls, pink t-shirt, colored choker, black jazz shoes, boys: khaki joggers and denim shirts, black jazz shoes

Jazz 4B: black leggings, teal or purple embellished leotard, black jacket, black jazz shoes

Jazz 5: navy jumpsuit, black jazz shoes**

Hip Hop: joggers, shirt, black leotard, white/grey/black tennis shoes


Tap 1: maroon costumes, black tights, tap shoes, hats and canes


Tap 2: teal biketard, colored skirts, tap shoes

Tap 3: umbrellas, black spats, tap shoes, individual costume of choice**

Modern 4: black pants, teal hope shirts

Modern 5: pink tights, nude leotard, nude shorts, tan turtleneck dress

**Umbrellas (Tap 3), tambourines (Teen Ballet), navy jumpsuits (Jazz 5), marooon dresses (Ballet 5), yellow shades leotards, tie-dye leggings  (Ballet 5)(Ballet 5), belong to the studio and will be brought to the theatre by the WCDA staff. 

Performance Hair

Ballet: Hair in a bun at the middle of the head, hair slicked back with the use of gel and hairspray

All Others: Hair neatly pulled out of face unless specified by your teacher

Hair Accessories: All hair accessories should be worn on the right side of the head in between the ear and the bun or ponytail

Performance Make Up 

Performance make-up can be individually decided by families. We recommend light eyeshadow/mascara, blush and red or pink lipstick in order to be able to see your dancers features from offstage. Because of the lights and the size of the theatre, it is easy for a dancer to look washed out or hard to see their face. Make-up should be worn for both dress rehearsal and the performance. 

Dance Photos Information

Lifetouch will be taking dance photos this year during our Dress Rehearsal on Thursday and Friday night. Order forms are needed for each class and they can be picked up at the studio or found online here: https://order.lifetouchspecialevents.com/index.cfm?event=OrderHome&contractID=165581

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